• So I just initiated a new SerpSpike site for a national company that I’m working with and all I can say is wow. It took me a week to get to 325,000 indexed pages. My client is ecstatic and wants me to build a new one for them every month. And I’ve already used this success to leverage two more meeting with two other corp execs in similar but…[Read more]

  • Do you

    take the clients URL
    Drop it into smarturl.it
    take the “smarturl”  and drop that into the manually overide field inside of the advanced options inside your SLL site?


  • emediaukcom said
    Nick – re your costs to manually place the state rentals

    this is another reason why i use smarturl.it – the redirect covers the link to the clients site, gathers stats and if the customer drops out you can instantly change it to another.

    NB – collect stats over a couple of months and next sell should be a piece of P.…

    [Read more]

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