Refund Policy

SEMeasy Refund Policy

The refund policy for this site is as follows:

There is a strict zero non disputable refund policy on all completed payments to SEMeasy for purchases.

If you do not wish to join or be charged, be 100% sure to cancel before your trial membership hits renewal at 3-30 days. Afterwards you will be a full member with full access to our content and will be charged. This is 100% non refundable.

To cancel your memberships simply do one the following:
A) Go to the My Account page and click “Cancel” next to the subscription you wish to drop
B) Remove the subscription from your PayPal Recurring Billing Dashboard (more info here)
C) Open a support request for cancellation
Note: Always double-check with PayPal to confirm your subscription cancellation.

The non refundable policy also applies to renewed monthly memberships.

This policy is clearly stated on our sales pages, shown to you right after you join and accessible at any time via our main menu.


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