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DoubleAgent (or 2x as we call it) is one of the most powerful pieces of software available in the SEO market.  It brings monetization to a COMPLETELY new level!

Product Description

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Note: This is a Premium Extension and is only available to Premium Members

  • You have the ability to lease out your RANKINGS by overlaying your clients sites on top of yours!
  • Gives you INSTANT EXPERT status where you are able to contact a potential client and show them that they are already on page 1!
  • Visitors to the site/pages will only see the overlay, not the underlying page
  • Crawlers continue to crawl the pages under the overlay
  • The ability to LEASE out pages and create pricing either globally or for individual pages!
  • The ability to put up an affiliate program, SITE-WIDE!
  • The ability to put up an affiliate program and still offer pages for lease at the same time!
  • Automated billing and payment monitoring with PayPal support – Never worry about a client not paying again!
  • Autonomous leasing – set it and forget it for the ultimate passive income system
  • Loaded with customization options

This is not a game changer,  this is a completely new game!


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