• dtbcinci said

    I have SEOZen and while I learned a lot about Silos the program itself was not much use to me. Why? The articles it pulls are mostly useless and dups from all over the web so I was spending way to much time going and into each page and redoing the content. Lot of wasted time.

    Just me when I am building out a silo that is…

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  • Kurav posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    Jake, now I have 5k URL indexed in Google, with 5k Duplicate pages (90% identica pages) on My site.
    Can it get worse than that from an OnPage SEO standpoint?

    Do not tell me that this is by design.., I hope this is is some mistake.

    Please, shed some light in here…

  • Jake,


    Are there any demos of the plugins, what is does, etc?

     Are you planning on releasing 2X Agent on ZV ZOO?

    if so, that mean that 2X wont be exclusive for SEMeasy premium members only, thats correct?



  • Kurav became a registered member 5 years, 4 months ago

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