• Kermit posted in the topic Penguin 3.0 in the forum SEO 3 years, 10 months ago

    TIger I share your surprise by the lack of Penguin 3.0 related posts.  My experience and is that I had a site that had a negative seo blast a while ago on a site using  related, but not my targeted, keywords.  Not a huge gsa dump (I had one of those too happen to me as well, but it got killed before Penguin 3.0 rolled out), but ended up acc…[Read more]

  • Maybe helpful, maybe not.  But there is a rash of PBN sites being delisted (nohatseo just said that 40% of their large private network got deindexed in last 36 hours) so I would first check to make sure that all of your PBN sites that are linking to the site are still indexed). 

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  • Kermit posted in the topic How to combat Negative SEO? in the forum SEO 4 years ago

    Thanks all.  Mark, hello on a different forum.  I do have others in niche – thanks to your (Mark’s) advice a long time ago.  But, golly, this one was doing so well :) Schema fully deployed. Will add even more URL links and flesh out on-site some more.    

  • Kermit started the topic How to combat Negative SEO? in the forum SEO 4 years ago

    Another immigrant from Infinitum here.  Andrew’s place is great.

    One of my sites that was ranking 1st page on several 8k+ buyer keywords and 1st and 2nd page on 20k+ buy keywords is under a GSA assault and has managed to drop my rankings by 3-6 pages (keyword dependent).  Ugh.  Anyone have an idea about how to combat this?

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